We collect, analyse and spread existing, proven projects focused on social and environmental challenges.

Our mission is to make sure that what works gets everywhere needed.

In times of interconnected and unprecedented challenges, it’s fundamental to proactively lead the transition towards models, strategies and approaches that can accelerate positive growth.

We analyse and select existing, proven impact projects and we turn them into interactive models able to be taken, adapted and implemented by others, anywhere needed.

Assess your impact

We analyse projects and portfolios, to identify:

  • what’s ready to scale;
  • what scaling strategy would be best;
  • what are the key actors and stakeholders to involve to make it happen.

Support impact that matters.

We work with individuals, foundations, corporates and governments interested in investing in proven, impact projects from all around the world, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Browse our portfolio of projects, or reach out to explore what projects could best align with your mission.