What we do

Impacton collects and analyses the Blueprints of existing, impactful projects to make them available to everyone, anywhere.

Our goal is to make solutions that work get everywhere they're needed.

To do this, we bring together data-driven frameworks and machine-learning based technology to run programs that assess the impact of projects and organisations, empower communities interested in replicating successful formulas and lower the risks for investment in sustainable development solutions.

We work with

  • Social Enterprises and NGOs

  • Foundations and grant giving organisations

  • Universities, Schools and International Research Centres

  • Impact investors: funds, corporations, CSR departments and individuals interested in investing in impactful projects

Impacton for Social Enterprises and NGOs

We work with impact-driven organisations with proven, effective solutions, interested in replicating their formulas in other locations.

We analyse their impact, elaborate their Blueprint and identify the core elements and the variables to consider for their solution to function in different contexts. Once the Blueprint is ready, it can get spread using our Replication Tool, designed to guide people and communities in replicating existing solutions without creating any overhead on the original organisation, anytime, anywhere.

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Impacton for your projects portfolio

We work with foundations, grant giving organisations and fun interested in analysing the impact of their portfolio, and identifying the projects that could be growing and scaling with a replication-based strategy.

Our model combines a data-driven approach with machine learning tools, able to run a tailored analysis of any portfolio, bringing together the results with eventual, existing data like application forms and M&E reports.

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Impacton for education

What if your next batch of thesis and final projects focused on existing, impactful projects interested in getting improved and adapted for other contexts?

What if your next Hackathon was organised around existing, successful solutions to social and environmental challenges, instead of working on ideas from the scratch?

What if you could invite your institutional partners in supporting the re-implementation of effective social solutions, with lower risks of failure?

Now you can. We developed a model that allows any university, school and educational institution to run their Impact Hackathon, working on the Blueprints of existing, effective projects.

Interested? Use this link to let us know.

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Impacton for impact investing

We work with individuals, foundations, corporations, CSR departments and Governments interested in investing to bring existing, successful projects to life in their own context.

Browse our portfolio of proven solutions and choose one or more projects that would make the difference for your location or community. Supporting the replication of an existing Blueprint means to invest in low-risk initiatives, with measured impact and a clear implementation process that you can execute in coordination with your local partners.

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