What’s in a Blueprint?

All of the Blueprints on our platform are solutions that a person, group or organisation has developed and proven to be impactful, somewhere in the world.

The Impacton team worked for over three years with non-profits and social enterprises all around the globe to get to the point of synthesizing a reference document, the Blueprint, that outlines all the key elements that allow a project to be assessed and spread, adapting it to different contexts and reaching higher measurable impact.

Initially, our Blueprints were PDFs that would synthetase the value proposition of a specific project, and that would include:


  • Background material

  • Replication protocol in place (example: open-source, licensing fee, franchising, ...)

  • Revenue model and fundraising scheme

  • Community engagement strategy

  • In-depth information on impact, learnings and process


Today, we brought the process of analysis, elaboration and diffusion of projects from offline to online: with the combination of our First Impact Assessment and our Replication Tool we allow projects to identify the key parameters of their impact, what needs to be done to expand in other locations and how to do so using our AI tool.

This makes Blueprint useful for replicating their formula in different contexts but also for educational institutions and research centres interested in developing activities around effective and impactful solutions.

You can see all our Blueprints here, and you can request your invite to use our Impact Assessment and Replication tool here.

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