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Company Info

hexactonEuropean HQ

Impacton Blueprints Limited
2nd Floor Windsor House
40-41 Great Castle Street
W1W 8LU London

Company Number: 1812908


Latin American Base

We're about to launch our LatAm base in Cordoba, Argentina. To get in touch with us, write to:

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Impacton is inspired by the talent and energy of people and organisations across the world working to solve our biggest challenges and create a better tomorrow.

Our mission is to develop technology, tools and processes able to collect their solutions and spread their Blueprints wherever they are needed, to improve and empower people's lives.

Impacton has as long term goal to be able to provide a decentralised, data-driven set of resources able to make every existing, proven solution available to individuals and groups interested in responding to their local challenges building upon what already works -- focusing their talents in improving, adapting and reimplement it in their own community.

Impacton aims to operate according to several core values, which are written into its founding principles:

Impact: Impacton is commited above all to impact in pursuit of its social mission, and to leverage all our resources in order to put principles before profit. Sustainability: Impacton will re-invest 55% of its annual profits back into the business to further its missionInnovation: Impacton goal is to constantly monitor and innovate its processes, products and practices in order to constantly improve its effectiveness in pursuing our vision.

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