We, the people, have the power

Impacton is inspired by the talent and energy of people and organisations across the world working to solve our biggest challenges and create a better tomorrow. Our mission is to collect their solutions and spread their Blueprints wherever they are needed, to improve and empower people's lives.

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Meet the team

Margherita Pagani

Founder & CEO

Victoria Revol

LatAm Director

Juan Manuel Yañez

Head of Design

Monica Paolizzi

COO & Head of Product

Guadalupe Araoz


Valeria García



Sales LatAm & EU

Your friend

Marketing & Community Engagement

Someone you know

You tell us!

Partners & advisors

Thomas Ermacora

Advisor and Founding Partner

Roberto Randazzo

National Advisory Board of Global Steering Group

Rogayeh Tabrizi

Data Science and Impact Measurement Advisor

Davide Casali

Design and product development advisor

Our ambassadors

Cole Hoover

Seattle, USA

Ajay Mittal

Kolkata, India

Antonella Vagliente


Andrina Beuggert

Amman, Jordan



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