Project Assessment and Scaling Program

  • Type of organisation: Corporate Foundation
  • Year: 2019
  • Location / reach: international  / distributed
  • Duration: 9 months


The Corporate Foundation was founded in 2002 with the objective to stimulate digital innovation and promote social impact initiatives. Its mission is to accelerate the transformation of non-profits with technologies, processes and skills able to increase their impact and effectiveness, including grant-making programs and thought leadership. 

Impacton is a service provider that provides the Scaling Tools and Programs necessary for mission-driven organisations to decentralise and maximise the reach of their impact projects.


The Corporate Foundation, willing to continue growing their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda, expressed a strong desire to bring the impact of their grants programs to the next level, in particular to maximise the reach of the impact projects they supported over the years. The Corporate Foundation acknowledged both the global need of proven models and the impossibility to expect a local team to scale a project to all the multiple locations that need it, on national and international level.

The Corporate Foundation engaged Impacton to analyse their portfolio of projects and identifying the ones with the highest potential for global dissemination, to turn them into digital, actionable toolkits (Blueprints) and set-up a decentralised scaling strategy. The Corporate Foundation saw the opportunity of making their best project’s models accessible for individuals and communities to learn, adapt and replicate in multiple locations, on national and international level, while removing the high overheads and costs of traditional scaling programs. 


The questions that the Corporate Foundation wanted to answer were:

  • How can we identify the right projects to scale and replicate in multiple locations?
  • How can we reduce the overhead, risks and costs of traditional, centralised scaling strategies?
  • How can we maximise the reach and impact of our programs around social innovation and sustainable development?
  • How can we empower local communities to build upon proven solutions and adapt them to their local context? 
  • How can we track impact, improvements and adaptations of projects deployed in multiple locations?

Impacton was engaged to guide the Corporate Foundation and answer these questions, and to provide the right tools and strategies to accelerate and maximise the adoption of proven impact models. 

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