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We team up with organisations whose solutions have proven their impact, and we enable them to replicate their formula, anywhere needed.

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If your project has proven its impact but lacks the operational margins, funds or skills required to expand in other locations, Impacton has you covered.

1% On average, one very effective and mature organisation gets to solve up to 1% of the social or environmental challenge they want to tackle, globally.

99% In 99% of cases, the social and environmental challenges in a specific location can be tackled using an existing solution, or a version of it.

150+ replications, globally

One of the main barriers for Impact Investing to thrive is the perceived high risks for the potential investors. Impacton found the perfect way to give access to low-risk opportunities. Roberto Randazzo G7 and G20 Social Impact investing Task Force

We never thought that our programs focused on education and climate change could reach such level of global impact. Impacton’s blueprint is what made it all possible. It’s an amazing model. Maria Luz Favilene Tierravida

We used to ran hackathons, but they never created any tangible impact, which de-motivated students. Impacton’s models of Hackathons solves that, and it makes all the difference for our program. Paula Lanhozo IAE University

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